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Rural Beacon Initiative announces Request For Information for NC-Based Climate and Environmental Justice Projects

Updated: May 15

Rural Beacon Initiative is pleased to announce a Request For Information (RFI) specifically targeting community-based projects focused on climate and environmental justice. This does not serve as a guarantee of funding, rather, as an opportunity for architects of climate solutions to bring visibility to the scope and needs of their projects to interested parties.

We are seeking to prioritize projects addressing one or more of the following:

  • Climate Change

  • Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

  • Clean Transit

  • Affordable and Sustainable Housing

  • Training and Workforce Development

  • Remediation and Reduction of Legacy Pollution

  • Development of Critical Clean Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

In addition, we prioritize projects for the benefit of the following communities:


  • Low-Income/ Economically Disadvantaged

  • Rural

With North Carolina facing disruptive sea level rise, unprecedented heatwaves, climate leaders cannot afford to work in silos. This Request for Information (RFI) provides visibility into opportunities for collaboration, technical resources, and funding for North Carolinian architects of climate solutions. We look forward to brokering the necessary resources to bring these projects to fruition.

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