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"Tomorrow is not promised, so let's own today."

William Barber III, CEO & Founder of Rural Beacon, LLC.

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Climate Investing with a Lens of Equity

Rural Beacon Initiative seeks to advance community ownership in a new clean energy economy through strategic leveraging of relationship expertise and innovative technology.
For the better part of a decade, we have cultivated community relationships through grassroots organizing. RBI has cultivated relationships in frontline communities and recently provided consulting services with top green energy finance leaders around operationalizing equity and climate environmental justice. RBI will develop and model connecting communities in a way that is scalable and equitable across the Southeast.


The Team

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William Barber III

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

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Michael L. McLean

Director of Finance and Development


Tenisha Hines

Director of Compliance



Partnered with Key Partners across the Southeast


Croatan Institute

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Good Solar


Coalition for Green Capital


Piedmont Business Capital


Time until Irreversible Climate Damage

Per IPCC AR6 Climate Change 2021:
The Physical Science Basis


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